The produce of puglia


The Dedicato project created for the cereal-growing supply chain is a model that Granoro would like to apply to other produce from Puglia.

As well as certifying the provenance and origin of the food, the decision to operate and produce within a supply chain triggers a range of associated benefits for all of the operators as it generates added value and adds value to the work you do and the fruits of your labour.

By producing within the supply chain, we return to work the fields with confidence at the start of every season and after every harvest, operating within a culture of quality, safe in the knowledge that our produce has an outlet in the market.

For those reasons, we have extended the project to include the Terra di Bari – Castel del Monte PDO 100% Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the tomatoes grown and processed in Puglia and the pulses grown in the Alta Murgia National Park.


We ONLY use tomatoes grown in Puglia

Dedicato tomato preserves are produced exclusively from tomatoes grown in Puglia, in the areas between Lesina in the lower Tavoliere, the countryside of Cerignola, Ortanova and Stornara and the border with the nearby Basilicata.

Grown with passion and experience

Our tomatoes are grown by farmers in Puglia who work the land with passion to grow the deep red fruits, ripened under the hot sun of Puglia.

Who processes it

The tomatoes are harvested at just the right degree of ripeness and processed within 24 hours at factories in Foggia and Cerignola. Thanks to the skill and professionalism of our partners, we are able to retain all of the aroma and nutritional properties of fresh tomatoes.


Granoro Dedicato oil is made from olives grown by the “Di Corato” agricultural holding on land surrounding Castel del Monte, set in the countryside of Andria, in Contrada Livrera (now known as Rivera), one of the most prestigious olive-growing areas in Italy.  It is a Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte Protected Denomination of Origin extra virgin olive oil, produced from a single variety: 100% “Coratina”.

This variety, also known locally as “racioppo”, is typical of the outskirts of Corato, from where it takes its name, and is one of the varieties with the highest amount of polyphenols, antioxidant substances that help fight free radicals. The plant is easily recognisable thanks to its thick foliage and oval shaped fruit, pointed at the end. Coratina ripens later than other varieties, between November and January. The colour of the olives ranges from green through to red and an almost black purple, depending on the degree of ripeness.

In accordance with PDO regulations, the olives are harvested at just the right degree of ripeness, directly from the plant and strictly by hand using an ancient method known as “bacchiatura” (which consists of beating the tree with a stick). The oil is cold extracted within 24 hours of harvesting using solely mechanical processes, resulting in oil with a very low acidity level (max. 0.5%).


With the Dedicato range, Granoro seeks to promote the tradition and authentic flavours of Puglia, rediscovering and supporting the production of pulses grown in the Alta Murgia area with the aim of preserving the typicality and biodiversity of this area, defending the wealth of flavours and culture offered by the region of Puglia.

In the past, pulses were considered "meat for the poor" and were mostly found on the tables of less wealthy families. Thanks to their nutritional characteristics, they are now appreciated as products to be protected and reintegrated into our diet.

Granoro reintroduces ancient varieties of pulses from Puglia, including chickling peas, chick peas and lentils.