Granoro Dedicato Trofie with tomatoes, capers and cacioricotta cheese, flavoured with the Mediterranean herbs, basil and thyme.

by: Vinod Sookar & Antonella Ricci

© Ezio D'Onghia Fotografia

Ingredients for 4 people
240 g of Granoro Dedicato Trofie
300 g of Granoro Dedicato Peeled Tomatoes
30 g of Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 sliced, fresh spring onion
1 whole clove of pink garlic
1 handful of desalted capers from Puglia
A pinch of Granoro’s Hot Pepper Spread
120 g of semi-hard cacioricotta cheese
1 bunch of thyme and basil



Slice open the Granoro Dedicato Peeled Tomatoes and leave them to drain in a colander for 20 minutes, discarding the preserving liquid. Chop the tomatoes and put to one side. Heat some Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, add the fresh spring onion, the clove of garlic lightly crushed with the skin on, then add the tomatoes, removing the garlic immediately after. Cook on a moderate heat for about ten minutes. Remove from the heat and add the capers, chilli pepper and aromatic herbs. Taste to adjust the seasoning, taking into account the cacioricotta that will be added at the end (which is salted). Cook the Granoro Dedicato Trofie in boiling water, drain whilst still very al dente and toss in a pan with the sauce for a minute.  Add a dash of Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shavings of the cacioricotta cheese and a few basil and thyme leaves.