Granoro Dedicato Orecchiette Baresi with mussels, peas, bottarga and crispy, parsley flavoured bread.

by: Vinod Sookar & Antonella Ricci

© Ezio D'Onghia Fotografia

Ingredients for 4 people
240 g of Granoro Dedicato Orecchiette Baresi
60 black mussels from Taranto
200 g of fresh, shelled peas
Fresh vegetable stock, as needed
1 clove of fresh, Italian green garlic
Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Margherita di Savoia salt, to taste
Pepper to taste
Toasted, parsley coated breadcrumbs from 1-day old, traditional durum wheat semolina bread, as needed
Shavings of Sardinian bottarga
Wild borage flowers



Carefully clean the shells of the mussels, then open them with a knife, putting the meat in one bowl and the filtered fluid in another. Keep in the fridge.

Heat the Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a wok with the whole garlic. Add the peas and a pinch of salt, then cook for three minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the garlic. Cook the Granoro Dedicato Orecchiette Baresi in boiling water, drain when al dente and add to the wok with the mussels and some of the mussel fluid. Finish cooking with a ladle of stock or cooking water.

Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper, tasting to check the final seasoning. Serve in four warm pasta dishes. Garnish with the toasted breadcrumbs, bottarga shavings and borage flowers.