“Dedicato”, granoro presents its new website devoted to the supply chain

A digital tale of the Supply Chain that gave rise to the Dedicato project, launched in 2012 to produce a unique pasta using only durum wheat ripened under the sun in Puglia. The voice of the farmers and the benefits of the Supply Chain have been brought together in a modern vehicle designed to inform the consumer using the modern language of communication.

About the supply chain. Prove that it is possible to produce a unique pasta using only wheat ripened under the sun in Puglia. In addition, demonstrate that at the heart of this pasta lies the work, passion and dedication of farmers from more than 250 farms in Puglia, who work hard every day to bring a product “from the field to the table”.

In this spirit, Pastificio Granoro is proud to present the new website www.granorodedicato.it : a tribute to the project that began in 2012 and was strongly endorsed by the Mastromauro family to enhance and support the production of high quality durum wheat in Puglia (a region that has always been known as the "wheat belt of Italy") through a supply chain agreement bringing together important partners in the region that guarantee the production of 15,000 metric tons of high quality wheat in Puglia.

The new site is a digital tale in line with modern standards of communication, aimed at the world of social networks, where the cornerstones of the "Dedicato" project interlace in a "digital" key. It starts primarily with the cultivation and selection of the best wheat from Puglia. The wheat is stone hulled and slowly ground to produce coarse grain semolina with the highest gluten quality and quantity. It is then mixed with pure water from the Caposele and Cassano Irpino springs. The clean and intuitive interface makes it possible to appreciate the excellent quality of the rough-extruded Dedicato pasta that gives each grain of pasta the right roughness for an excellent integration of recipes and flavors, and dried slowly, at low temperatures, which preserves its golden yellow color and the aroma of ripe wheat.

In addition to the story behind the wheat and the origins of Dedicato pasta, ample space has been reserved for the farmers to explain more about the Supply Chain with some exciting videos.  Their tales illustrate the fruits of extensive work and a journey embarked on by people with shared ideas and visions, who have worked hard together to achieve a common goal: the production of high quality durum wheat that can be used to make the finest Pasta, made entirely in Puglia, from the field to the table. The result is sublime pasta, that has just the right degree of toughness, good cooking properties, a golden yellow colour, is unmistakable thanks to the aroma and flavour of ripe wheat and is the expression of a great pasta making tradition.

«Our tradition is closely linked to the land» – explained Marina Mastromauro, the Managing Director of Pastificio Granoro. “The Dedicato project aims to help strengthen direct links between farmers and consumers, based on shared values such as respect for the environment, restoring traditions and the authenticity of products made in Puglia”.

On www.granorodedicato.it you will also find information about other products that complete the range and reflect the authentic flavours of  Puglia: the mainstays of the Mediterranean diet, the  “Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte” PDO extra virgin olive oil made exclusively from Coratina olives, the Tomato preserves made with tomatoes grown in Puglia, the lentils, chickling peas and chick peas from Altamura and the Alta Murgia National Park.