Certified quality

Granoro wanted to give consumers the certainty of a high quality pasta, made with durum wheat sourced exclusively from Puglia, so it chose the most demanding path: dual certification.


Granoro Dedicato pasta is the first product from the cereal-growing supply chain of Puglia to have been awarded the “Prodotti di Qualità di Puglia” quality mark by the Region of Puglia in acknowledgement of its authenticity.

“Prodotti di Qualità Puglia” is a European collective quality mark with an indication of origin that:

guarantees product quality and origin;
highlights the value of agricultural and food products with a controlled high standard of quality;
makes consumers aware of the quality level of products bearing the trademark.
Reference to the website: agri.iamb.it/rqr


The level of control and traceability of our supply chain is so meticulous that every single batch of wheat supplied by the farmer can be traced back to the location of the land through identification of the parcel and cadastral map.

Granoro Dedicato is the first pasta produced within the cereal-growing supply chain of Puglia to obtain the ISO 22005:08 certification from DNV (Det Norske Veritas), one of the main independent certifying bodies in the world.

Traceability throughout the pasta’s entire production chain is the instrument chosen by Granoro to:

guarantee the production of pasta using wheat grown exclusively in the Tavoliere area of Puglia, known since time immemorial as the wheat belt of Italy;
work with advanced pasta-making technology to create pasta of a superior quality;
enable punctual identification of the batches and amounts of pasta produced using wheat from Puglia;
support food safety and quality objectives;
identify the history and origin of the product;
make it easier for consumers to check products and obtain specific information about them.
The entire system is controlled using a monitoring program that identifies the stages, critical points, responsibilities and elements subject to traceability for each stage of the process.